Southern Utah’s First Water Sports Community

Southern Shores is comprised of 56 premium estate lots in the most coveted areas of Hurricane Valley. Thirty-four lots are located on the Lake and have 5850 feet of private lake frontage. All 34 lakeside lots have a private boathouse to maximize your access to the lakes as you enjoy 360-degree views. Your premium estate Lot ranges from .52 acres to approximately .81 acres. Each lot has power, and culinary water.

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Located in the warm desert, this community will provide “Water,” creating a unique atmosphere of private beachfront property with private docs. The community will consist of 59 individual building lots, three lakes, parks, and tennis courts. These lakes will be used for many types of recreation, including waterskiing, wakeboarding, surfing, paddleboarding, swimming, fishing, sunbathing, reading, dreaming, etc.


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Lake Construction

Southern Shores is Washington County’s first private sports lakes community in the majestic Hurricane Valley. The three lakes are engineered to remunerate water disturbance. The lakes allow two boats to operate contemporaneously without boat wake interference. The boat’s wakes disappear against the 16:1 sloped shorelines, providing smooth water every pass. At Southern Shores, there is nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair and the sensation of slicing through the glass-like water. Whether you are running the slalom course or just going for a casual cruise with the family, the unique downside is that you will never be able to blame your skiing performance on “choppy water” again!

The Dam

Southern Shores is unlike numerous other artificial lakes built on an utterly flat piece of ground. Southern Shores Lake’s topography slopes ?? vertical feet from West to East. For the Lake to be built at the proper elevation, a ??-foot cut was made at the South end of the property, and a ??-foot fill was placed at the North end of the property. The result is a lake surrounded by terrain with varying slopes, aesthetically charming to the eye. Building a natural lake, a dam must be engineered and constructed with the community’s aesthetic, structural strength, and durability in mind. They were designing the dam results from a combination of efforts between the civil engineer, Geotech engineer, state dam engineer, the developer, and the contractor. A full-time inspector was present during the entire construction process. Compaction tests were taken on each eight-inch lift placed on the dam, verifying that the dirt is compacted to a minimum of 96%. The result: one damn good barricade was correctly built and will stand the test of time.

The Beaches

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Sales Information

Covenants require full landscaping of the lots within one year of purchase. However, there are no time-requirements for building a home. Covenants also govern the architectural style of the houses to create consistency throughout the development. Briefly stated, Southern Shores follows an architectural style  congruent with desert, prairie and coastal living. A phenomenal amount of planning went into building the lakes at Southern Shores. Simultaneously, we went beyond what is required; Southern Shores residents want it that way.

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Director of Sales


Brittany Christensen
Community Manager


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The Details

Southern Shores is infinitely more than Southern Utah’s next community or another track house development in Hurricane. Southern Shores is a community built for people passionate about their lifestyle. We are optimistic that you see the passion in every detail in this one-of-a-kind water sports community. Where else can you experience riding the waves in a floating surf pool while surrounded by the beautiful views of Southern Utah? 

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