southern shores

Southern Utah’s First Water Sports Community

Southern Shores is comprised of 56 premium estate lots in the most coveted areas of Hurricane Valley. Thirty-four lots are located on the Lake and have 5850 feet of private lake frontage. All 34 lakeside lots have a private boathouse to maximize your access to the lakes as you enjoy 360-degree views. Your premium estate Lot ranges from .52 acres to approximately .81 acres. Each lot has power, and culinary water.

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Covenants require full landscaping of the lots within one year of purchase. However, there are no time-requirements for building a home. Covenants also govern the architectural style of the houses to create consistency throughout the development. Briefly stated, Southern Shores follows an architectural style congruent with desert, prairie and coastal living. A phenomenal amount of planning went into building the lakes at Southern Shores. Simultaneously, we went beyond what is required; Southern Shores residents want it that way.

surf pool

We create a DEEP authentic wave that you can surf with any surfboard and fins that you want. Our endless deepwater wave creates a hyper-focused environment for training and technical progression. It is the perfect place to learn a new trick and allows for greater repetition in shorter periods of time. This is why pros love surfing our waves and why the UNIT Surf Pool complements larger traveling wave technologies. This is no sheet wave, this is a deep wave, and the skills that you practice here can be taken anywhere in the World. 

cable lake

2.0 Cable System featuring 8 Unit super fun kickers and rails! Ideal for riders of all levels, from novices looking to start their journey to seasoned experts seeking new thrills. Whether you’re just starting out or already a pro, this setup promises excitement and challenge for everyone.

the lake


Water, like land, is a precious natural resource and similar to land must be owned or leased by the end user. Southern Shores is using private water that we own from the subsurface aquifer underneath our land. These “water rights” along with the well to access it has been scrutinized and approved by the Utah State Water Engineer.


surf pool | cable lake | pickleball courts

only one lake lot left 


Ready to make waves in your lifestyle? Dive into the opportunity of a lifetime with this deluxe boating lake lot! Imagine having your own private boat house, where you can launch into endless aquatic adventures right from your doorstep.

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